Thursday, July 7, 2011


rocked out at the imperial last friday with kirstyn. the night started out cold and sober and full of lesbians, but ended nicely after many glasses of white wine and a souvlaki. god bless lambs on malvern road. the imperial is such a nice venue, perfect for a few drinks and a cheeky boogie.

made the dress with the same pattern as the white lace from my previous post, but made it shorter so it's a little less dressy. this faux fur jacket i got from an op shop last year, best buy ever! i've been living in it since the melbourne weather turned arctic. brrr.

ps. happy birthday to the dowlings! catch andrew dowling tonight for a live birthday set at TRAK.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

their dry souls

thank god it's over - i have done and dusted with uni and am now free to squander my time as i please. bi-winning. and if you're wondering what my excuse for not blogging is, i've been slaving over a wedding dress for the past couple months! wedding was last weekend and the bride looked absolutely beautiful. photos to come!

wore this to the wedding. made from incredible cotton lace. absolute fluke that i got it to fit so well - it came out a lot better than i imagined! worn with bras n things slip.
maaaad boots. from tony bianco, can't remember the name of the style.

 jeffery campbell "smudge" wedges that i spiked myself. my new precious babies.

friday night plans? catch kirstyn and i at the imperial on chapel street from 12.30-2am this friday for a mean dj set.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

an autumn palette

uni work has been eating me alive, i feel like a shell of a person. can't wait for these next couple of weeks to be over! this scarf has been cheering me up though, i bought it from a little asian stall in chadstone for only thirty-five dollars! it's big and woolly and i love the pattern and colours. perfect for this miserable weather.

worn with claude maus jeans, sass and bide singlet
found these babies on ebay. ridiculously comfortable and quiet! they don't make that annoying clop-clop-clop noise when i walk.
my new favourite nailpolish - opi "you don't know jaques!" part of the "suede" range - they actually feel like suede! i love the muted sheen and the browny-purpley goodness.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

high fidelity

arghhh falling behind with those skirts i promised, i apologise. i'm aiming for next sunday. hopefully there are no more birthdays and assignments to distract me! and for those of you who couldn't make it to high fidelity on saturday, it looks like we'll be playing there on a regular basis!

asos maxi dress, sex harness from ebay. (um, careful what you type into the ebay search bar. may not be pleasant.)

finished making some snakeskin pants the other day - just waiting for some daylight to take photos. check back tomozzz

Thursday, May 5, 2011


i love getting packages. i get really impatient when i can't open them so i just end up attacking them with scissors. probably not the best decision when there's a new camera inside!
left to right; ankh ring (ebay), copy of karen walker ring (also ebay), and plain above knuckle ring (you guessed it! ebay). the trick with above knuckle rings is to buy them like, three sizes smaller than what you normally wear on that finger. make sure they fit tight cause they can slip off easily; i'm on my second one already.

my default nails and rings. opi colours are; "mrs o'leary's bbq", "you're a doll!" and my new favourite, "merryberry mauve glitter top coat"

good news! the black cage skirt (as featured in my first post) will soon be available for purchase. more details coming soon - check back on sunday. expressions of interest are welcome, email me at

nothing to do this saturday night? come see the caucasian bitchez play at high fidelity on bourke st from 2-3am. paaaaarty

Saturday, April 30, 2011


spent a couple of nights in daylesford with cam .. had the best time. made it through eight courses of food and wine at the lake house, probably my favourite restaurant ever. the weather was perfect everyday. we got massaged, soaked in the mineral spas, frolicked in the lavendar farm, and lay on the road looking at the stars.

black mesh and spike skirt that i made, vintage top and topshop heels
mum's vintage dress, maurie and eve stirrup boots
got a new piercing a couple weeks ago - the very top one. anyone who tells you piercings don't hurt is lying.
opi "glow up already" nails
vintage fur jacket and dress

waiting on about six ebay purchases to arrive (hurry uuuuup). heading my way is some new opi nailpolishes, sexy shoes, and a new camera! so i can promise more, better quality photos to come. yay!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

caucasian bitchez!

 kirstyn and i played at billboard last thursday .. pretty funny. there was a massive line out the front as soon as we arrived, and i had to have like, eight cigarettes before i could calm down. was heaps of fun, though! fyi, caucasian bitchez are the better and bigger breasted version of the cauc-asian djs.

yay we're first on the flyer

sorry vanessa, we'll let you get back to sleep right after this photo.