Tuesday, June 28, 2011

their dry souls

thank god it's over - i have done and dusted with uni and am now free to squander my time as i please. bi-winning. and if you're wondering what my excuse for not blogging is, i've been slaving over a wedding dress for the past couple months! wedding was last weekend and the bride looked absolutely beautiful. photos to come!

wore this to the wedding. made from incredible cotton lace. absolute fluke that i got it to fit so well - it came out a lot better than i imagined! worn with bras n things slip.
maaaad boots. from tony bianco, can't remember the name of the style.

 jeffery campbell "smudge" wedges that i spiked myself. my new precious babies.

friday night plans? catch kirstyn and i at the imperial on chapel street from 12.30-2am this friday for a mean dj set.

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