Saturday, April 30, 2011


spent a couple of nights in daylesford with cam .. had the best time. made it through eight courses of food and wine at the lake house, probably my favourite restaurant ever. the weather was perfect everyday. we got massaged, soaked in the mineral spas, frolicked in the lavendar farm, and lay on the road looking at the stars.

black mesh and spike skirt that i made, vintage top and topshop heels
mum's vintage dress, maurie and eve stirrup boots
got a new piercing a couple weeks ago - the very top one. anyone who tells you piercings don't hurt is lying.
opi "glow up already" nails
vintage fur jacket and dress

waiting on about six ebay purchases to arrive (hurry uuuuup). heading my way is some new opi nailpolishes, sexy shoes, and a new camera! so i can promise more, better quality photos to come. yay!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

caucasian bitchez!

 kirstyn and i played at billboard last thursday .. pretty funny. there was a massive line out the front as soon as we arrived, and i had to have like, eight cigarettes before i could calm down. was heaps of fun, though! fyi, caucasian bitchez are the better and bigger breasted version of the cauc-asian djs.

yay we're first on the flyer

sorry vanessa, we'll let you get back to sleep right after this photo.

Monday, April 11, 2011


welcome to i heard a rumour!
i like looking at pictures way more than text, so i'll keep my posts short and my photos plentiful. certain garments featured will be available for purchase, once i get my shit sorted. meanwhile, enjoy! and bear with me, i have zero blogspot skills, i'm still learning!

some snaps from last summer. all of these feature something i've made.

cage skirt in light blue/nude. bought this fabric from spotlight for two dollars. win.
worn with bardot bra top and jeffery campbell "back off" boots.

floral and black striped body con dress with chain detail. incredible fabric, i made two dresses and a skirt out of it. worn with jeffery campbell "lita" boots. jess is checkin' em out.

cage skirt in black, worn over nude mesh bodycon dress. probably my two favourite things to wear at the moment. trusty lita boots again.